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The Waikouaiti Coast Heritage Centre offers a personalised genealogy research service, and provides copies of documents or photos held in its collection.

Burial Material

The Heritage Centre now has available the Index of Burials, Headstones & Personal Memorials for East Otago & West Otago Cemeteries, 1842 to 2012. These records are on both computer and hard copy and may be viewed at the Waikouaiti Coast Heritage Centre.

This index contains records for the following cemeteries:

East Otago District - Brinns Point, Goodwood, Hawksbury (Waikouaiti), Karitane, Mcraes original, Mcraes southern, Merton, Middlemarch, Hindon, Palmerston, Purakanui, St Johns Anglican (Waikouaiti), Waitati/Blueskin, St Barnabas Anglican (Warrington).

West Otago District - Beaumont/Dunkeld, Crookston, Tapanui, Waikoikoi.


If you wish to have research conducted on your behalf, our researcher will undertake this on your behalf for a small hourly fee.

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Documents and photos

Black and white photographs: $12 per photograph. Available at the Heritage Centre counter.

Photographs of collection items not already printed: $15 each (plus postage).

Photocopies: 20c per page plus $5 per each 15 minutes of time taken. 

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