Construction has begun on the new museum building. We are all very excited to finally see this happening. Substantial ground work to remove soil down to the subsoil has ensured that the new building will barely move in any future earthquakes. Many “treasures” were found during the excavation and will become part of a future display. Drains to remove excess water and electrical conjute has been installed to enable a future connection to the old museum building as well as for the new building. Retaining walls have been erected around the site, but mainly along the Kildare Street perimeter, as over the years the road level has been drastically raised, leaving a steep bank. Work on the foundations has also now begun and once the pad is complete the actual building construction should go ahead quite quickly. 

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A lot has happened since February and we are delighted with progress towards the construction of our new museum.  The project was begun early in 2010 and many people have volunteered their time and expertise since then towards achieving our aims.  Since February we have been granted $120,000 by Lotteries and $100,000 by the Otago Community Trust, adding these amounts to approximately $180,000 raised by local volunteer efforts through a range of fund raising events, firewood sales and local sponsorship. This has meant that we can now proceed to the next stage, ie construction of the new building. To this end work has begun to clear the site and reduce the ground level back to what it was originally in order to improve drainage of the site and to also assist in drying out the old museum building. 

A contract has been agreed and signed with the main contractor and local sub-contractors identified who have quoted for work to be undertaken. On August 24th 2017 an informal ceremony was held to mark the beginning of the work and several local identities with long time involvement with the museum were present on the day. We hope to have our new museum open for business by early next year.

November 2016